8.4.17 18:38 - QUESTION

helloooo harry potter and loki fandoms!!!

loooong time no see!

are you all mostly still on lj? or on ij? or on dw? or on twitter? or on tumblr?

say hi!


18.9.16 18:22 - hi!

*tiptoes in*

how is everyone doing? i have missed you!

18.9.16 18:12 - MY PREFERENCES

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With so much more Loki! What can I say? Pale and beautiful like a china doll! I like his new hair! An oscar for his hair stylist!

Also, Thor looks better than ever! This time they left his eyelashes alone and went for a warmer, softer blond! Result: Stunning eyes, natural looking (if quite long) hair.

Oh, and my new crush: Idris Elba! How gorgeous is this man?

(ETA: For some reason IJ doesn't let me embed videos. Does anyone know, what's going on? Or am I just technically challenged? Help?)

15.6.13 18:32 - Tom Hiddleston | No Loki in Avengers Sequel

Joss Whedon confirms that there will be no Loki in the Avengers Sequel.

In a way I am even glad because at least there's one thing less I can obsess about! I can now ignore and not watch Avengers 2 as much as I want :D)

26.5.13 01:22 - Re: Tom Hiddleston | Only Lovers Left Alive: Cannes Interview and Press Conference

The press conference about the film is quite long (40:42) so only for die-hard fans ;)

I've never seen a full-length press conference at Cannes before, so I don't know if the journalists would be that friendly if the film would have been terrible, but the gathered journalists looked as if they really liked the film :)

Here is a shorter interview (10:48) with a French TV show, where Jim Jarmusch reveals he (and John Hurt) are Anti-Stratfordians :D

I am relieved that the film had a good reception. The press kit looked quite bad, as did the teaser clips (to me) but Twitter responses were very positive. Still, that press conference seems uncomfortable—as if, despite their assurances of adoration and friendship, they're actually not comfortable with each other.

In other news, it was confirmed that Tom Hiddleston will be shirtless for 50% of the film.

My life is complete.

20.5.13 14:15 - Presskit for Only Lovers Left Alive

Contrary to many others on LJ I am not yet tired of vampires and zombies yet, although we have been flooded with tv-shows and movies in the recent years. While some of the zombie movies were very good, like 28 Days Later, Simon Pegg's Shawn Of The Dead or Zombieland, the only vampire-related movie that comes to my mind is the unfortunate Twilight series. It would be nice if Jarmusch's movie could be another Hunger which is to me one of the more interesting ways to deal with that subject, or Ferrara's Addiction which was a rather violent and hysterical take, but the more I see of the film, the less it appears to be as unique as it wants to be.

Originally posted by [personal profile] hysteric_23 at Press Kit for Only Lovers Left Alive

So, what doust thou say?

I am not impressed by the unproportioned pink Fractura they used, nor by Adam's or Eve's character bio. Also the fact they uploaded the wrong file (Mia Wasikowska's bio is still a Lorem Ipsum placeholder text) isn't quite promising. Mistakes happen everywhere of course, but I can't help but thinking that everyone involved treats this as an afterthought, including the people in Cannes who are reponsible of scheduling the entries: Only Lovers Left Alive will be shown one or two days before the festival finishes).

16.5.13 21:30 - Re: Is Tom Hiddleston’s Loki gay?

Of course he is :D but the interesting question is, did Tom Hiddleston deliberately play him gay? Was it intentional? I can't trust my own instincts since I am a slash lover, and to me 99,9% of men are gay or bi, (even The Beau, who I tried to match with some of my gay friends and encourage to experiment with his better looking friends).

Which is why I liked that piece about Hiddleston's Loki being gay. See, it's not only me! :D

14.5.13 23:00 - Re: Tom Hiddleston | Only Lovers Left Alive: First Teasers

Io, and behold!

The first teasers for Jim Jarmusch's new film Only Lovers Left Alive have surfaced via the Cannes Film Festival Site.

First Clip
Second Clip
I predict plenty of new excitement and turmoil about Tom Hiddleston's emo-coiffure! Tumblr and Pinterest are already near collapse!

5.4.13 18:15 - I got a gift: Oyster Sashimi, Olive Martini (Tony/Loki) by Lucius Complex

This has been the week of Caro being SPOILED ROTTEN!

After the first, wonderful part And Thank You For Staying of her series Flawed Design the incredibly talented [personal profile] lucius_complex has uploaded the second part, Oyster Sashimi, Olive Martini.

Especially since I am kind of a one-trick-pony, I admire writers like [personal profile] lucius_complex who can write heartbreaking, elegic fic and then turn around and just shake comedy out of their sleeve. How do they do that?

Oyster Sashimi, Olive Martini is lighthearted and easy going: irresponsible, reckless Tony who happens to stumble over a certain god of mischief on his balcony! Drunkenness and banter ensue! Also: drama queen Loki! If you love your Tony Stark snappy and sharp, you'll love this!

Wait! I nearly forgot the enticement! Let me entice you! )

4.4.13 17:03 - OMG OMG OMG! My fic got translated!

First time ever!

The lovely [personal profile] barb2210 translated my fic Invisible into Russian!

I am so incredibly happy and flattered and ... wow! Translated into another language! How cool is that? Do I have Russian-speaking friends on my flist per chance? :D

Also, the artist Anastasia Mantihora contributed two very, very beautiful and lovely illustrations! Even if you don't speak Russian—the illustrations alone are so worth popping over and looking at them! Her Snape is so perfect! If you want to see more of her works, I have linked to her DA account, click on her name :)

*Bouncing with happiness*

2.4.13 23:23 - I got a gift: And Thank You For Staying (Tony/Loki) by Lucius Complex

The beautiful and wonderful [personal profile] lucius_complex wrote me a gift!

And Thank You For Staying is the first, chaptered fic in her Tony/Loki trilogy titled Flawed Design ...

and here is why you should read it: )

You won't regret it! (And please please please leave the author a word of love! I want her to fall in love with the Avenger fandom and positive feedback can be such a crucial part of that process, don't you think? :)

Let me entice you )

26.2.13 16:54 - Coronation

I stole a crown. )

20.2.13 00:08 - Fic Rec: Abuse Me In All Ways by Portmanteau (Desade)

Abuse Me In All Ways by Portmanteau (Desade) is a delightful Clint Barton/Loki PWP.

It's cheerful, full on, hot, filthy porn and exactly what I needed after a long, hard day of apartment hunting! If you love your Frosthawk (I ♥ this term!) dirty and sexy, then go, read and enjoy! And please do leave the lovely and talented Portmanteau (Desade) a few words of love! As I belong to the long and rambling kind of fic writer I have great admiration for writers who are concise and to the point! She has written other equally hot and brillliant Clint Barton/Loki stories (and a Thor/Loki, if this is more to your taste), so check them out too!

19.2.13 00:47 - Harry Potter | Tribute

This clip is one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful tribute to the Harry Potter books, the films and JKR I have seen so far.

I was late to the party. )

18.2.13 02:13 - Awake at 3:00am because ... 35º Celsius

It has cooled down fortunately. )

How is your Sunday so far?

9.2.13 21:57 - French Kissing

A French Kiss is a kiss involving tongues and the exchange of saliva, am I correct? )

8.2.13 04:04 - Pinterest

I have spent nearly two hours pinning and re-pinning and even editing images of Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Renner, Ben Whishaw et al. Clearly I am not right in my mind. Am I fourteen?

Anyway please go look at the fruit of my labour:
Tom Hiddleston, Pretty Things that has pictures of other pretty beaus
and Fandomme which contains NWS-art (mostly Thor/Loki, but also other).

I need a life. or a drink. Or both.

7.2.13 10:25 - The Avengers Cast to Present at Oscars

Will they wear their costumes? )

1.2.13 08:36 - Fic Rec: Before He Drowns by Batsutousai (Tom Hiddleston/Loki, NC-17)

Before He Drowns will break your heart in the most gentle and beautiful way you can imagine. Batsutousai re-tells the tragic story of the unfortunate Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen and her choice for the role of The Little Mermaid is an unexpected one, but it's perfect. One might say, this is a crossover: this could be cracky, but instead it's beautiful and very poetic. With her amazing talent Batsutousai works out what Andersen left unsaid, or at the most hinted at, the futility and wrongness of the mermaid's, or in this case rather the merman's, love, the loneliness in making one love the sole reason for one's existence.

It's early morning where I am, and I haven't slept much, so I fear I'm not very eloquent although this fic deserves so much more praise. It's unusual, in its premise, in its writing, the very mood it generates.

(As it is based on the original fairy tale rather than the Disney animation, it doesn't end like the Disney version, so be warned.)

Let me entice you! )

31.1.13 09:51 - Re: Tom Hiddleston | Only Lovers Left Alive: First Picture

While Tom Hiddleston is travelling through Guinea, West Africa to draw attention to UNICEF UK's charity work and the needs of that area, the first film still of his collaboration with Jim Jarmusch has arrived.

New film, new hair style.

Is it just me, or does Hiddleston have a different hair colour in every movie?


I might be a little angry because I take silly TV-shows far more personal than I should. )

21.1.13 12:50 - Re: Tom Hiddleston | UNICEF UK

Tom Hiddleston teams with UNICEF in a fan-interactive charity mission.

Fans have donated more than £16600 so far, and the number is still rising. If you love Tom Hiddleston AND helping those in need, here's a great way to combine these two things! Some have donated £50 or £100 but even £5 are a great contribution!

For your pleasure: a video in which Tom Hiddleston is packing for his trip while being effortlessly charming ;)
Video Part 01
Video Part 02
Video Part 03

Not many celebrities do interacting with their fans better than Hiddleston, and doing good and help children in need is a great way to put his core strength to use. The destination will be revealed once he'll get there (any guesses?) but I'm not surprised to read that many of his fans are hoping that it'll be somehwhere really hot, where he'd have to wear ... you know, as little as possible. A baseball cap and some tiny shorts the size of my palm for example and nothing else. We're a bunch of charitable perverts, but perverts nonetheless :D

15.1.13 00:03 - Re: Benedict Cumberbatch

I have long resisted his charm, but I might fall for that lovely lad after all: He did admit in this charming interview that Tom Hiddleston is more charming than him! He insisted though that his Alan Rickman-impression was superior. I could not be cross with him, because the little sample he gave was indeed extremely good! MTV interviewer Joshua Horowitz seems to have also caught an unhealthy dose of Tom Hiddleston-erotomania: he asked more questions about Tom Hiddleston than Benedict Cumberbatch!

14.1.13 12:10 - Fic: The Demons (Harry/Ginny, Harry/Snape/NC17)

The title and many plot elements are an homage to the French Film Noir "Les Diaboliques" which I adored as a child. Although writing this was harder than I thought in the beginning (due to me not having really thought through the entire plot), it turned out to be one of the fics I am most proud of.

Written for the BBTB Fest 2012 )

13.1.13 22:44 - BETA S.O.S.: Cry For Help!

I am looking for at least two or three betas for my Clint/Loki Fic A Tale Of Starry Nights. I plan to update this once a week, every Monday or Tuesday night.

I would send you a chapter (1500-3000 words) on Fridays so I can post them on the next Monday. How much you want to beta is entirely up to you, I'm flexible. The minimum would be to catch obvious mistakes and my stray commas!

I plan to have three to four betas (or more) so I won't harrass you every week ... but only every three to four weeks :)

I'd be forever grateful for your help! I have not much to offer for thanks, but I can write drabbles/ficlets with your favourite pairing and your favourite kink!



13.1.13 17:25 - Fic: A Tale Of Starry Nights (Clint/Loki and very, very NC17)

I uploaded the first chapter of a WIP )

11.1.13 15:42 - Re: The Avengers FX Reel

Stunning effects. I love how unravelling the effects doesn't make them less impressive! Also includes my favourite scene of Loki getting hulksmashed :D

The Avengers FX Reel

10.1.13 20:46 - To WIP or not to WIP ...

I have been writing ... )

9.1.13 13:35 - Fic Rec: Sleepless and A Distraction by hipsterloki (Clint Barton/Loki)

I'm always happy to see new writers on the Clint Barton/Loki tag on AO3 and hipsterloki has written two delicious, sexy Clint Barton/Loki fics in the period of two days!

Sleepless (1252 words) and A Distraction (3,231 words) could be read together; they slot into each other like pieces of the same universe, oh, and the sex in A Distraction is so hot! I really liked her Barton in Sleepless, haunted by desires and dreams, angry but full of longing.

(If your poison is Loki/Fandral, she has also started an Thor fairy tale AU called Iced. The first chapter is already very entertaining, humouresque and features Robin Hood!Fandral. Loki, precious morsel that he is, is locked away like a princess in an enchanted tower! Perfect ;)

Btw, I do like that tag "frosthawk" I see often on Clint Barton/Loki fics.

2.1.13 11:47 - BETA S.O.S.: Cry For Help!

Would someone be so kind and help me with a fic I have written for a fest? It is a bit darkish, contains Harry/Ginny and Harry/Snape! Apart from typos, misplaced commas and dashes, I might also need help with the syntax. If you know me, you know that my sentences are often German-structured which wouldn't be a problem if I were writing them in German :D but ... they come out rather strange in English ;(

All my eternal love for your help!

1.1.13 03:03 - Frohes Neues Jahr 2013

To all of you, all my darlings!

Thank you for being my friends.

Be safe, be strong, be noble.

Prosit Neujahr! Dance the waltz!


31.12.12 17:46 - Merry Christmas To Me II

Oh darlings, I am the most spoiled Caro this season!

Additionally to the gorgeous art, I received another present at this year's Snupin Santa Exchange!

A mystery author took mercy on my love for historical and Pirate AUs and wrote the marvellous, swashbuckling, turbulent, fantastic fic Upon A Crimson Tide We Sail! If you love swords (hehe) and pirates as much as I do, then go and read!

*dances happily*

My Christmas is officially perfect. Hope yours is too! :))

31.12.12 04:33 - So Mean! The Avengers Request To Remove Clint Barton

Lucius Complex sent me THIS!

*Gasp* Quel horreur! How could they?!

Seems as if Hawkeye should visit his old boss :P I'm sure Loki would love to take him back again :D

30.12.12 14:59 - Merry Christmas To Me!

I got gift!!! My Snupin Santa gift was posted yesterday!

And it's absolutely stunning and beautiful! )

23.12.12 22:34 - Re: Tom Hiddleston | Does Stuff

Old perhaps, but still good and hilarious!

I laughed like an hyena at THIS.

22.12.12 14:14 - Re: The Avengers Concept Art and Speculations About Loki's Return in The Avengers Sequel

This gorgeous concept art for the Avengers was revealed. There are images of the Black Widow, Hawkeye, Thor, Maria Hill, Phil Coulson, Loki and many others! Lovely!

Most of my fellow admirers of Mr. Hiddleston already have heard this, but a short statement of his regarding the state of the Avengers Sequel has caused major commotion and confusion.

“I don’t know, and that really is the honest answer. I know I’ve been known for obfuscation in other quarters, but I have no idea. I haven’t spoken to Joss. He’s definitely doing it. So I suspect not, only because I think that probably the audiences are tired of Loki being the bad guy. Maybe the Avengers need somebody else to fight.”

I personally don't think Joss Whedon and Marvel don't not want Hiddleston as Loki, but not as a main villain. Like in the Norse myths, and in the Marvel comics, Loki would serve as an ambiguous ally and saboteur, a mischief maker, at times unwilling collaborateur and comic relief. Actually his character is needed in an otherwise rather bland formula of "Good vs. Evil". That plot gets dull fast without at least one character doing unexpected things, and with his actions and words also questioning the moral superiority of the protagonists and ridiculing the "Evil Overlord" trope, something which Joss Whedon of all people knows best.

Joss Whedon loves moreally confusing characters like Loki. His Spike and Angel from Buffy serve the same purpose, and Loki fits perfectly into this template.

Also, I am convinced that Loki will get a grandiose redemption arc, like Spike, or other complex villains (see also Snape or Darth Vader). I think that, since his leitmotif is the desire to rule and to be king, his character will in the end sacrifice his life in some epic battle to save the world, and aquire some major insights about the nature of ruling and power and what it truly means to be a king.

What do you think?

22.12.12 01:37 - ART REC: Loki Stripping by [info]alex_zoe

THIS is just utterly gorgeous!!! Look at his beautiful hands! How pretty are they?


17.12.12 22:07 - Re: Writing

Don't you love it when, after you have outlined a draft, then launched into writing with fervor and energy, you realise after some 10.000 words, that the basic premise of your fic doesn't actually make sense?

Or in other words:


I need a drink.
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14.12.12 14:58 - Loki | Marvel Canon

For those who didn't read the comics, here is a summary of Loki's history in animation, maybe useful for writers who want to include canon details, as the animation is mostly faithful to the Marvel comics.

I'm curious wether there will be a new animated series, this time using the likeness of Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Natalie Portman and other actors from the Thor and Avengers movie. It would almost be an ommision of criminal proportion to not utilise the popularity of these actors, right?

Btw, my favourite part of Loki's canon history: the many times he fails to destroy Thor and Midgard, and then is grounded by angry dad Odin. Then Odin himself takes off to Midgard, this time to haul Thor home ... and who does he leave in charge of Asgard during his absence? (Odin's learning curve = a flat line!)

Ehehehe :D

13.12.12 20:16 - Ideas for Christmas

Since I am not a Christian and a happy agnostic I really should stop calling that day Christmas. For some reason I don't know I do resent x-mas though.

Anyway: if you don't have gift yet, consider commissioning artwork by the fabulous [info]griseldajane. I love her Thor, but you can have any other celebrity portrayed, your family, friends or pets :)

12.12.12 02:59 - Re: Tom Hiddleston | Robot Chicken

While working in the US on Jim Jarmusch's "Only Lovers Left Alive" Tom Hiddleston recorded sketches for three episodes of Seth Green's Robot Chicken, of which the first was aired on 6th December titled Butchered In Burbank.

10.12.12 22:28 - Mememe: Day Nine

I have not figured out how to embed/insert pictures into DW posts, so this time I will have to link to my LJ

9.12.12 17:04 - Mememe: Day Eight

Day Eight: Three Turn-ons. )

7.12.12 00:39 - Mememe: Day Seven

Day Seven: Four turn-offs )

6.12.12 13:49 - Mememe: Day Six

It was hard to pick them. I have not picked people who are close to me because of their function (like the husband or other family members). Of course I regard them highly, but I was interested in looking at the other people who supported me in my life.

Day Six: Five people who mean a lot )

4.12.12 00:55 - Re: Jeremy Renner | The Unusuals

I am watching The Unusuals because I read about it in [info]bethbethbeth's journal, and now I am addicted.

Not that I am blaming anyone.

It's almost regrettable that Renner became famous (assuming here, that his movie career ended the series) ... because I could have definitely watched a few seasons of this. I mean even Once Upon A Time gets a second season!

The humour is nice and snappy, the comedy is not overdone (mostly), the characters are interesting, if not always convincing.

And hey, even The Beau likes it! (He does like to mock me for my infatuation with Tom Hiddleston and Jeremy Renner, so him admitting that he likes something with one of them in it, is a big step :D)

Jeremy Renner is adorable in it.


2.12.12 23:04 - Mememe: Day Five (Warning: Mentions of Death)

There are more than six things I wish I'd never done, but which ones to pick? As you can guess, I have such a large pool of unfortunate, ill-concidered decisions to choose from, it's mind-boggling.

Day Five: Six things you wish you’d never done. )

1.12.12 22:32 - Mememe: Day Four

Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot. )

30.11.12 20:23 - Mememe: Day Three

I kind of hate to admit it but I am easy. Not that it needs admitting. It's evident, right?
Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart. )
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